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Я навчаюся в Інтернеті протягом багатьох років, я запрошую вас на мої вебінари для спеціалістів і всіх, хто хоче працювати над своєю стійкістю та кращим, більш повним життям.

The most important books about working with the body in trauma therapy (and not only)

Good morning,

Below you will find books* that helped me implement bodywork into my psychotherapeutic practice. I recommend them all, I learned something important from each of them for my office work.

*titles are auto translated, therefore can differ from actual ones

Dana, D. (2020), Polyvagal theory in psychotherapy. Kraków: WUJ. Transl. A. Gomola.

Dana, D. (2021), Polyvagal theory in practice. Cracow; UNCLE. Transl. A. Gomola.

LaDyne, R. (2021), Cut the Tension. How to overcome stress with psychosomatic practices. Kraków: WUJ. Transl. J. Okuniewski.

Levine, P. A. (2017), The voice of the interior. Warsaw: Czarna Owca.

Levine, P. A. (2020), Wake up the tiger. Treating trauma. Warsaw: Czarna Owca.

Levine, P. (2015), Healing Trauma. 12-step trauma recovery program. Black sheep. Transl. Z. Mazurczak.

McConnell, S. (2022), Inner Family System Somatic Therapy – Somatic IFS. People’s Place. Transl. M. Wąsążanka, A. Duda.

Ogden, P., Fisher, J. (2023), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Interventions in the treatment of trauma and attachment disorders. UNCLE. Transl. M. Moskal.

Pittman C. M., Karle E. M. (2018), The anxious brain. How to overcome anxiety disorders, panic attacks and worry with the power of neuroscience. UNCLE.

Richmond, H. (2023). Reclaim yourself. A positive guide for people who have experienced sexual trauma. GWP. Transl. J. Sugiero.

Rosenberg, S. (2020), The therapeutic power of the vagus nerve. UNCLE.

Rothschild, B. (2014), The Body Remembers. Psychophysiology of trauma and therapy of people after mental trauma. UNCLE. Transl. R. Andruszko.

Rothschild, B. (2021), The Body Remembers. Volume 2. UNCLE.

Selvam, R. (2023), Regulating emotions. Ed. Feminine. Transl. B. Kotarski.

Shershun, E. (2023) Healing Sexual Trauma. Somatic skills that help you regain a safe relationship with your body, set boundaries and strengthen resilience. GWP. Transl. S. Pikiel.

Shanker S. (2016), Self-regulation. How to help your child (and yourself) avoid stress and live to the fullest. Warsaw: Mamania.

In English:

Brown Yau, J. (2019), The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma. Revel Press.

Gibson, Ch. (2023), The Modern Trauma Toolkit. Hachette.

Goodall, E., Brownlow, Ch. (2022), Interoception and Regulation. Teaching Skills of Body Awareness and Supporting Connection with Others. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Levine, P., Kline, M. (2008), Trauma-Proofing Your Kids. A Parents’ Guide for Instilling Confidence, Joy and Resilience. North Atlantic Books.

Levine, P. A., Kline, M. (2006), Trauma Through a Child’s Eyes. Ergos Institute Press.

Poole Heller, D., Heller, L. (2001), Crash Course. A Self-Healing Guide to Auto Accident Trauma & Recovery. North Atlantic Books.

Creative reading and implementation in office life <3!

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