I have been educating online for years, I invite you to my webinars for specialists and anyone who wants to work on their resilience and a better, fuller life.


Я навчаюся в Інтернеті протягом багатьох років, я запрошую вас на мої вебінари для спеціалістів і всіх, хто хоче працювати над своєю стійкістю та кращим, більш повним життям.

Sabina Sadecka

I inspire psychotherapists (and others) a love for trauma therapy and reliable knowledge about psychotherapy. In my approach, I integrate contemporary approaches to working with the body (I am a Somatic Experiencing practitioner) with contextual trends. I am a systemic therapist (in the final stages of certification :)) and one of the foundations of my work in the office are systemic ideas.

I have been writing about psychology and psychotherapy for 12 years (!) on opsychologii.pl that I co-run, and since 2021 also on the website you have come across. My psychological texts have been published in many national magazines and portals (including Newsweek Psychologia, Charaktery, Niebieska Linia, Teć Młodych, Studia z Kultury Popularnej, Personnel Plus, Nasza Bocian).

I run (rarely, but regularly) psychological webinars, which are worth waiting for, but at the same time worth dosing them wisely – they can make a real revolution in the work and life of the participants. I have also been educating online for years, I invite you to my webinars for specialists and anyone who wants to work on their resilience and a better, fuller life.

I also have a podcast called “Ładnie o traumaie”, where I share my trauma knowledge, generously. I am a guest on other podcasts. I teach (postgraduate) students of SWPS in Poznań. I have been educating students from scientific clubs all over Poland for years – free of charge. On my online channels, I regularly share my knowledge free of charge in the form of entries and streams with everyone who is willing to learn from me.

Make yourself comfortable.


In my thinking about psychotherapy, I see a person as a whole, not only through the prism of his or her psychopathology. I assume that suffering is a natural part of human life, and it is in its presence – not after its elimination – that we can truly existentially flourish. I also believe that living fully is only possible when we remain in close, lively, constantly updated contact with our values, because they help us act wisely in the presence of difficulties. I think it is equally important in therapy to become friends with your body, instead of trying to control it or avoid listening to its signals. This body is our greatest source of information about ourselves and the directions that will serve us best in our lives.

In my teaching about psychotherapy and psychology, I try to integrate: science and personal experience as well as various – verified by me in practice – trends in psychotherapy. I combine neurobiological knowledge with contemporary behaviorism, the existential area and a systemic perspective. I hope that the knowledge contained on this website will help you live and work more fully, deeper and with access to the sources of your (and your clients’) vitality.



  • trauma therapy
  • neurobiology of trauma
  • body work in psychotherapy
  • therapeutic relationship in therapy and trauma therapy
  • resilience <3


Currently, I am not accepting anyone new for psychotherapy in a private practice. I also work in the National Health Fund’s clinic for people with trauma experience (telephone number for registration: 61 835 43 08), but the queue (even for single consultations) is very long.


I know many wonderful therapists, but these therapists below work with both their heads and their hearts.

Therefore, I highly recommend therapeutic work with Agnieszka Mazurczak, Magda Ładziak, Katarzyna Rawska, Anna Onyśków, Alicja Bieda and Agata Olejniuk.


I finished 5 years of full-time psychology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. I also obtained a diploma from the Academy of Artes Liberales (Intercollegiate Humanities Studies), within which I participated in psychology classes at the University of Warsaw and the University of Wrocław for 5 years. During my studies, I went on a one-year scholarship to the Universita’ degli Studi di Torino, where I studied psychology in Italian :). Then learning, among others: I continued cross-cultural psychology in Pisa (in Tuscany <3).

I completed the “Basic course in individual and family systemic psychotherapy” and the “Advanced course in individual, couples, family and group systemic psychotherapy” (total 316 hours) at WTTS. I also regularly expand my knowledge of systemic therapy by training at WTTS.

In the field of trauma therapy, I completed a three-year (2017-2019) “Training in trauma pedagogy/specialist trauma counseling”, carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the Deutschsprachige Gesellschaft für Psychotraumatologie, organized by WTTS. I am a certified Somatic Experiencing practitioner (certificate no. PLITP23031). I also completed training in transgenerational trauma with Cornelia Götz-Kühne (2020). I also participated in many different trauma therapy workshops as part of my many years of education in ACT therapy. I included most of the training and therapeutic courses I completed in this entry.

In 2024, I began my educational and meditation adventure with Marianne Bentzen.

I am a member of the Society of Systemic Therapy and the Polish Somatic Experiencing Association.


Yes, I regularly supervise (individually and in groups) my therapeutic work with Maria Kasprowicz (WTTS). I also carry out regular supervision in the Somatic Experiencing trend (Josephine O’Gorman regularly, and various SE supervisors on an ad hoc basis). In 2021, I also managed to consult my therapeutic work with Nancy McWilliams (it was an experience!), and in 2022 I consulted my traumatic work with Jack Saul.